Lives Of Nigerian Actors Are Not Perfect – Tracy And Treasure Daniels

Tracy and Treasure Daniels
Tracy and Treasure Daniels

Nollywood actresses Tracy and Treasure Daniels, in a new interview with Saturday Sun, have opened up on the misconception about Nollywood actors.

According to the sisters, the lives of actors in the country are not as perfect as portrayed in movies.

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The sisters also spoke on sexual harassment in the movie industry, saying they have never been sexually harassed.

On how they cope with sexual harassment from fans and colleagues?

Tracy: ”I don’t cope with it all and that is because it never happened. Our fans both male and female are like family; they love and celebrate us so much. They put us on a high pedestal; no room for sexual provocation or harassment.”

On the craziest thing a fan has done or misconceptions people about them, Treasure responded saying:

People keep asking us to pay their house rents or buy them cars. It is not a joke but please, can any reader pause and ask himself what he or she thinks an average or even the biggest Nollywood actor earns from movies in a year? So, please, stop it guys. We all are Nigerians and you must be from here so you know how it is. Nollywood is not Hollywood; we are not there yet. It is a misconception to think that actors’ lives are perfect just like in the movies.”


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