Nigeria Broke Under Buhari: BMO

President Buhari
President Buhari

The chairman of Buhari Media Organisation, Mr Niyi Akinsinji has stated that despite the fact that the country is currently broke, he does not subscribe to the proposed increament of Value Added Tax by 15 percent.

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Speaking with News Agency of Nigeria on Sunday, he further stated that president Buhari is always considerate towards the poor.

His words:

“The truth is that we are now thinking of building roads, upgrading schools, upgrading hospitals and all that when we have lesser money to attend to such.

“So, the reality is that Nigeria does not have money and I personally do not delude myself because we do not have money and the only way we can have money is a pure capitalist system that we are running.

“We would have gone into taxing, removing subsidy and all that, that is what most capitalists of the other worlds are telling us to remove subsidy so that the government would have more money.”


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