Noble Igwe Clears The Air On Having Same Baby Twice


Noble Igwe And His Daughter
Noble Igwe And His Daughter

Nigerian blogger, Noble Igwe, had taken to social media yesterday to celebrate his daughter, Jax’s birthday as she turns 3. Noble in his birthday message, narrated the story surrounding her birth.

Today, Saturday, February 1, the blogger again took to his IG page to celebrate his second daughter, Liana who turns one. He also shared some interesting part of fathering two baby girls.

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Revealing further the striking resemblance between his girls, Noble Igwe addressed the rumours that he and his wife gave birth to the same child twice.

Some people said we gave birth to one baby twice and even made her come to us the day after.

What they don’t know is that you are the opposite of your sister.

In the beginning, you saw my relationship with Jax and decided to leave us alone.

You wouldn’t let me carry, feed or back you and jax was always shouting “My Daddy” like we bought you from Ebe Ano and as such you were not allowed to share her daddy with her.

But with time, you discovered that I have enough love to share between the two of you and gradually you began to warm up towards me. Started showing up at my door and today, we have made Jax realize that I’m Daddy to the both of you.

We are now buying things for two as Jax wouldn’t pick anything without picking one for “Liana”.

Happy Birthday, Lia with the dimples.

May God almighty continue to bless you.

Some day, I’m sharing the story of us 4 and how I’m such a proud #girldad.”



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