OAP Osi Suave Shares Story Of A friend Who Was Abused By His Wife

Media Personality Osi Suave

Nigerian OAP Osi Suave has shared the story of a friend of his who was abused by his wife.

Accordsuffereding to Osi, they grew up together and stayed in touch until the friend got married to a manipulative woman who ended up abusing him.

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Read the story below;

”Took a while but finally have approval from my boy to tweet this. Manipulative people are sociopaths stay away from them. I grew up with this kid, and we used to ride bikes around Thompson avenue and went to vacation bible school at ikoyi Baptist church for years

Was the life of the party and the happiest person I knew. Went to college in America and we somehow found a way to always catch up. 3 years ago he married what I thought was the most amazing person. And the wedding was all shades of romantic and fun.

Then before the first year anniversary of the marriage we noticed he started being distant, he exited all the group chats and blocked all of us on all social media platforms. Very out of character for him and the rest of the guys took it P. But I was worried

I’d run into him at the mall or sometimes at church. I particularly noticed he would have scratch marks on his hands and neck. He would say it was their dog Asked him why he blocked us on social media. He said he was trying to take a break.
Then I stopped seeing him all together. Like he was deliberately avoiding me and anyone that knew him from way back. His fam lived abroad. So it was literally just him.
Then one day he came to mine at 2am. I was having one of my sleepless nights. As the security mentioned I had a visitor I even thought it was a babe sef lol My boy was skinny and had scabies. I knew scabies when I saw it cos I went to boarding school
So avoid risk of me catching it. We sat on pavement outside my building and spoke till it was time for me to go to work. Arranged for him to see a Doctor. And apparently his madam had locked him out for coming home late.
So overtime he had grown accustomed to sleeping on the floor outside his own house and whatever makeshift place he could find. He also said he goes home late cos he was afraid and wanted to just go straight to bed Hence the constant lock outs.
I was so livid and was going to confront the madam I had never seen my boy so fearful and violent before He just had a massive panic attack and begged me not to
After that episode I didnt hear from him again. Phones were perpetually off and I just cut him off Cos I felt as an adult he should know the best thing for him. Then I was in London in Jan of last year and ran into his sister when I was at a restaurant at the 02
Was waiting for the davido concert to start She said something was wrong as the communication with him was always initiated by his madam. And he just sounded like he was trapped.
I promised to check on him when I got back but I never did. Cos was still angry at the fact that he doesnt hear word. One random Sunday I ran into him on my way from church. And insisted that I followed him home to at least see madam
It was a grand Prix weekend so I was watching the race and I heard a slap sound come from the kitchen With the words “DO YOU KNOW WHY I SLAPPED YOU” HE SAID YES “ITS BECAUSE I FORGOT TO REFILL THE CYLINDER”
That was it. I told him he needed to leave this marriage. He said no. That he loved her and he was at fault and deserved the slap because he should have known better. I almost started crying cos my guy was gone and this babe was eventually going to kill him
Long story short. We pooled money together and got him to move to his family abroad. He is in therapy now and in such a good place mentally. I cant share the things he went through but i am happy he is free now.
Manipulative people are the smartest people around They would fuck your life up.. The circle of manipulation always ends in domestic violence So pls if your partner is showing signs of manipulation and is being dismissive towards your feelings Pls run”