Okada Business Is Not An Enduring Trade – Lagos Govt


Okada hailing services
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The Lagos state government, following the ban on Okada and tricycle taxis, in 15 local councils of the state, said the business is not an enduring trade.

The government on Friday, via its Twitter account, said the hailing services were part of the problem, hence their inclusion in the ban.

“The truth is that okada, no matter what fanciful name it’s called, is not part of our greater Lagos journey on which we have embarked,” it said.

“Our youths no longer learn the trades we used to be proud of- tailoring, bricklaying, printing, painting and others. Now we get artisans from neighbouring countries. Okada is not an enduring trade.”

It said it couldn’t stand by and watch the problem constituted by these operators therefore it had to enforce the ban without first putting in place palliative measures.

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According to the government, securing the lives of Lagosians is the top goal of the Babajide Sanwo-Olu administration.

“This is why it is moving to stop this fast slide into lawlessness,” it said.

On how the ban would affect those operators, it said, “The Lagos State Employment Trust Fund, LSETF, is very active, helping many to set up their businesses with cheap funds,” it said.

It added also that, “The ministry of women affairs and poverty alleviation has also been doing so much training young women in various trades and giving them some money to set up.”

“The law enforcement agencies are ready to fix anybody who wants to take to crime because he has lost his Okada job,” it said.