Shoprite Hosts Successful Breast Cancer Awareness Drive

More than 3,100 women across all six regions were recently screened for breast cancer
following a partnership between Shoprite Nigeria and Run For a Cure Africa (RFCA) which
gave them free access to this service.

The Big Pink Fight took place from 3-8 February 2020 and gave Nigerian women the
opportunity to undergo clinical breast exams, ultrasound scans and mammograms. Four of
the six screening stations were located at Shoprite supermarkets including Shoprite Asaba
Mall (Delta State), Shoprite Onitsha Mall (Anambra State), Shoprite Novare Gateway Mall
(Abuja) and Shoprite Ado Bayero Mall (Kano State).

“As a result of Shoprite’s partnership with RFCA, which dates back to 2014, more than 8 000
women have now undergone screenings,” says Shoprite Nigeria’s Kunle Abiola. “We’re
thrilled about the great turnout this year and plan to roll this initiative out to more
communities where we trade.”

“Nearly a hundred percent of the time, women with breast cancer survive if the cancer is
discovered early on, but unfortunately, this number is reversed in Nigeria because of late
detection,” says Dr. Ebele Mbanugo, founder and executive director of RFCA.

“We are very pleased about the huge turnout of women in the states where we hosted this
event with Shoprite. If more businesses partnered with us, we would be able to create even
further awareness and reach out to thousands more women across our country.”

Shoprite has positively impacted the lives of many Nigerians since opening its first store in
Lagos in December 2005 through its support of local schools as well the financial assistance
it provides to almost 2 000 organisations in the country.

More photos from the event:



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