We Still Fix Nails – Lawyer Shares Her Experience At A Nail Salon

Oghenewaire Nikoro
Oghenewaire Nikoro

A Nigerian lawyer by the name Oghenewaire Nikoro has taken to her Facebook account to recount her experience at a nail salon.

According to the lawyer, who has just one hand with fingers, she had visited a salon and the nail technician was dumbfounded as to how she should be attended to.

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In her words;


Pls tell Nail stylist that we fix nails too.

Me entering into a hair dressing saloon

Stylist : Good Afternoon ma

Me: Good afternoon also

Stylist : what service can I render to you today

Me: I want to fix my nails

Stylist : MA??? ( Looking at my hands and still not understanding my request)

Me: Ma, don’t you fix ladies nails here.?

Stylist : yes, we do but….

Me: but what ma?? (In a calm tone) I said I want to fix my nails, something simple and short.

SILENCE as every one in the saloon turned stirring at ME.


Nail stylist started fixing my nails.

Me: Ma, please can i Know how much this will cost ?

Stlylist apprentice: it’s…. naira for both hands ma

Me:ok Ma, plz divide it by 2 ma

Stylist apprentice: it’s…naira ma.

Me:( smiling) so it means am paying for one hand then?

apprentice:( stirring at me) ok ma.


Sometimes People assume that you don’t deserve to do things same way as others in the society.

But always state what u want calmly..(They will get the message )

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