Why We Are Against Establishment Of Amotekun: Miyetti Allah

Fulani socio-cultural organization, Miyetti Allah had earlier alleged that the aim of the Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN) also known as Amotekun, is ‘to cleanse the Fulani tribe from the Southwest’.

Leader of Miyetti Allah Kautal Hore, in Bauchi state, Alhaji Sadiq Ahmed says the security formation lacks the legal framework to succeed.

He said, “I can tell you one thing, Amotekun will not last because it is indigenous, regionalized and lacks constitutional backing. The constitution has a readymade provision for regular security with the establishment of the Nigeria Police Force, a regional security outfit like Amotekun is a breach of the constitution that will only breed problems and conflicts.

”Is there a doubt anywhere that the motive behind the establishment of Amotekun is to cleanse our tribe from the Southwest? It is the responsibility of the federal government to provide security, any parallel security outfit is illegal and unacceptable.”

As for Service Chiefs, he advocated for their removal saying that they have performed below expectation.

”I suggest that the President remove the Service Chiefs immediately because they have done nothing, despite trillions of Naira that they have received in recent years. He should also reform the Police, the Army and all other security forces in the country.

“I hear people every time try to compare Amotekun to Hizba, and that irritates me. Hizba security outfit in the North is just an umbrella of an Islamic body only meant for Islamic affairs. It bears no resemblance of Amotekun or the motive behind its formation,” he added.