You Don’t Have To Be Rude In Your Appearance To Be Sexy: Stella Damasus Advices

Stella Damasus
Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus

Nollywood actress, Stella Damascus has advised her fans that they do need to be rude or vulgar with their dressing in order to appear sexy.

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Speaking in an Instagram post, she further stated that they do not need to show it all or put everything out just to be called sexy.

She wrote:

I will say it again. You don’t have to be nude or vulgar in your appearance to be SEXY. The way you carry yourself even in A pair of Jeans and a sweat shirt can make heads turn. Your confidence can be SEXY. Your smile can be SEXY. Your voice can be SEXY. Even your eyes alone can make you SEXY. Don’t show it all or put everything out there to be called SEXY. You are enough dear


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