Australian Researchers Claim HIV Drugs, Chloroquine Can Cure Coronavirus

Australian researchers claim they’ve found a cure for novel coronavirus, COVID-19 after patients they tested responded ‘very well’ to treatment.

The researchers at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research believe two drugs may wipe out coronavirus entirely.

According to the researchers, the first drug is a medication used to suppress HIV, while the other is an anti-malaria treatment known as chloroquine.

Professor David Paterson, an infectious disease physician, disclosed that the patients will likely enroll in a clinical trial of both drugs by the end of March.

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He said that it wouldn’t be wrong to consider the drugs a possible ‘treatment or cure’ for the deadly respiratory infection.

Professor Paterson also confirmed that one of the medications was given to some of the patients, who were first identified as carriers in Australia, and appeared to lead to the ‘disappearance of the virus’.