Banks, ATMs Will Function During Lockdown – Finance Minister

The minister for finance, Ahmed Zainab has announced that financial institutions would be allowed to run a skeletal operation during the total lockdown of some states in the nation over coronavirus pandemic.

She made this known in a statement she sent out on Monday, as some states prepare to lockdown by 11 pm same day.

Statement below:

“Notice to affected stakeholders and general public regarding COVID-19 and restrictions in movement of persons”, bankers are expected to be handed new directives.

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“To ensure that Nigerians can still perform online transactions and use of ATMs whilst observing these restrictions, we will like to inform the general public and all affected stakeholders that we have obtained exemptions from the President to allow very skeletal operations in the financial system and money markets in order to keep the system in light operations during the time.

“To this end, all relevant staff of affected outfits and agencies should look out for further instructions from their immediate bosses.

“We are mindful of the difficulties these restrictions would bring on ordinary Nigerians and are grateful to the President for approving these exemptions, which should help ease some of these burdens. We urge all Nigerians to be patient, cooperative and united as all hands are on deck to defeat this virus.