Better To Live In A Desert Than With A Nagging Wife – Mike Bamiloye

Evangelist Mike Bamiloye of Mount Zion Drama Ministries has stated that career and other things are putting couples asunder.

Bamiloye went on to say that employment and jobs are also playing their role in keeping couples apart.

He wrote: “Today, career is putting couples asunder. Business and desire to travel abroad is putting couples asunder. Today, employment and jobs are creating separation between married couples.”

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This is coming days after Bamiloye revealed that some men want their wives dead so they could get married to another woman.

Mike Bamiloye wrote: “Unfortunately, some married men are ENDURING their marriage instead of ENJOYING it, because the CONTENTOUS WIFE had made the home very unpleasant.

“I strongly believe that there are some of such men who would wish their wives would die off so that they can be free doctrinally speaking to marry another woman now with much caution.

“This is what the Bible means when it says “Better to live in a desert than with a nagging and a CONTENTIOUS wife” and in another portion, it says: It is better to go and live on the top of the roof corner than stay inside the house with a quarrelsome wife…”


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