Coronavirus: Car companies go convert dia factory to make ventilators

Car companies dey answer call from goment to help make more ventilators and face mask to help out during di coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, Fiat begin to convert one of dia car plants for China to start to make about one million mask a month.

Di carmaker want to start production in di coming weeks, na so dia chief executive Mike Manley write for email.

Other major car companies dey look for ways wey dem fit shift manufacturing towards ventilators.

General Motors, Ford and Tesla for America don pledge dia support to offer resources to make more ventilators, along with Japan carmaker Nissan and Formula 1 teams for UK.

Major car plants for America, Europe and Asia don stop production to try to help prevent di spread of coronavirus.

But dem still dey pledge to help make ventilators and other vital medical equipment.

Ford on Tuesday say dem dey work with GE Healthcare and 3M, anoda health industry manufacturer, to design modified respirators and ventilators, which dem fit produce wit di use of fans, batteries and oda parts wey Ford dey use for dia cars.

Di firms say dem no get set timeline for dem to deliver dis products.