Coronavirus cases don hit 88 now for Cameroon, as number two pesin die

Scientist check for coronavirus

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Cameroon don record number two die from Covid-19 den reach 88 cases weh deh test positive.

Health Minister Manaouda Malachie tok situation for kontri for cabinet meeting weh Prime minister Joseph Dion Ngute chair today.

Health boss bi say de number go continue for high as some pipo dey for hotels quarantine di wait test.

Na 271 pipo dey for hotels for Yaoundé and 284 for Douala for Littoral region. Just now Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam na de three towns wit Covid-19.

Pipo weh deh test positive for Covid-19 di sa-so high from 75 Covid-19 positive cases yesterday March 25, to 88 cases for March 26. Since March 6 weh Cameroon confirm de first case, two pipo don die and two well go house.

Goment give e strategy plan weh e di follow for fight de disease, weh e include check and test pipo, manage de cases weh deh find, den informate population weti deh get for know about de disease, get call centre wit 1510 and deh wan put isolation centre for all regions.

For hospitals for Yaoundé laik Gynaeco-Obstetric deh di observe social distancing well wit patients and for banks too.

Just now, support for Cameroon from big Chinese billionaire land for Nsimalen Airport today. Cameroon and any one of de African kontris wit Covid-19 cases go receive, 100,000 masks, 20,000 test kits and 1000 protection kits.

De pipo weh deh kam dey for hotels dem for Douala and Yaoundé bi about 500; 271 and 289 for Yaoundé and Douala.

Na why goment say deh number for pipo weh deh confirm positive for Covid-19 go continue for high wen deh test de pipo dem.

Also, deh number go fit increase if kontri pipo no di keep hygiene rules, no di keep distance and no di avoid crowd.

80 percent for de pipo weh deh test positive for Covid-19 as Malachie tok na from outside kontri and 20 percent na from family contamination and friends.

Goment bin komot 13 rules for stop Coronavirus- close border, drinking spots, restaurants, not more dan 50 pipo for one place.

Transport minister, Ernest Ngalle Bibehe also put more rules, make taxi drivers take only three passengers, bike (bensikin) only one pesin and buses not more dan 50 pipo.

But just now, Cameroonians no di really respect dis rules even if prime minister say deh fit punish any pesin weh e behaviour lead to contaminate odas.

Former Cameroon football international Patrick Mboma, tweet about e uncle e die, e advice kontri pipo.

“All man for Cameroon weh e check say na story-story, check again. Ah di beg wuna, stay for inside house, na de only tin for do”, Patrick Mboma weh maoukouri na e uncle tok.

Before now na travellers di spread de virus for Cameroon, and for programme for national television, minister say deh go fit take more strict measures as pipo nova yet understand say dis mata serious.

Some of de measures for stop de virus na:

  • Wash hand wit soap plenti taims
  • Use hand sanitizers
  • Cough inside elbow
  • stay for house more for avoid contamination,
  • no shake hands or embrace pipo
  • if any man turn back from travel make e quarantine e self for 14 days
  • call 1510 if pesin get running nose, headache, no di breath fain…