Coronavirus: Daddy Freeze Slams Mike Bamiloye Over Comment On Coronavirus

Media personality Daddy Freeze has reacted to Evangelist Mike Bamiloye’s take on Coronavirus spread in Africa.

Mike Bamiloye had stated that the reason the virus is not so much in Africa is that people pray and fast.

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Freeez has now responded to Bamiloye’s comment, calling it an unscholarly one and asking why fasting and prayer did not end Lassa Fever or poverty.

In his words;

”Dear @mikebamiloye,
I find it unscholarly of you to make such a vacuous post about something so sensitive.

Really? Our prayers???? If this makes sense to you then I’m worried! Why didn’t prayer and fasting prevent Lassa fever?🙄

How have our prayers helped in reducing poverty? According to, Nigeria is the poverty capital of the world, with more than double the extreme poverty figures of China where the Corona virus 🦠 emanated from.

So far (scroll left to see the figure), as of March 11th, ONLY about 5,000 people have died GLOBALLY from Corona virus.

In Nigeria, with more than 95 million people in extreme poverty, we probably have more than 5,000 people dying EVERY SINGLE WEEK from extreme poverty and from poverty related issues, such as the lack of basic health care services, lack of electricity, lack of access to clean water and from accidents resulting from lack of good roads. People in the western world aren’t dying en masse from these like we are, despite not praying or fasting. Please focus your prayers on the eradication of poverty; that to us is greater a virus than Corona.🙄

The herdsmen saga and Boko haram have also taken its toll on us. People are dying weekly if not daily, how have your prayers helped reduce this scourge? No other western country is dealing with these issues of this magnitude. Please pray and fast for the herdsmen and Boko haram virus first, as that’s a near and present danger.

Religion is yet another virus that has killed and will continue to kill more Africans than Corona ever can. Always keep this in perspective.

Other viruses killing us include bad leadership, poor law enforcement and jungle justice; factor those into your prayer and fasting points.

I find this post rather insensitive! In my opinion, it’s a mockery of God and an insult to our intelligence.
Stay blessed.

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