Coronavirus: Ghana doctors pressure govment for nationwide lockdown as Covid-19 kill third person

Ghana lockdown

Ghana lockdown

Ghana Medical Association (GMA) dey call on govment make dem declare nationwide lockdown.

Dem say de lockdown for affect everything except people who dey offer essential services.

“GMA be conscious of de threat and disturbing trend of community spread plus de inadequate capacity for de country health system to deal with increased COVID-19 infections.”

“President of Ghana for declare nationwide lockdown with de exception of essential services immediately” GMA President, Dr Frank Ankobea sign for statement inside.

Ghana record 15 new cases of people wey test positive for COVID-19.

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The British Broadcasting Corporation

12 of dem be persons wey dey under mandatorily quarantined wey de remaining 3 people wey test positive dey come from general population.

Dis dey bring de country total to 68.

Ghana Health Service explain say “de sudden spike in case incidence be sake of as de mandatory quarantine den compulsory testing for all travellers who dey enter Ghana, as de President direct.”

So far de total number of cases be 68, out of which 3 people die.