Coronavirus news: Ivory Coast ban foreigners from kontries wit over 100 Covid-19 cases, close night clubs & cultural events

A security officer wearing a protective face mask poses for a picture at the entrance of the Infectious Disease Unit of Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya, on March 15, 2020

Kenya has ordered all schools to close

Ivory Coast take strong decisions afta six cases for Covid-19 disease, stop foreigner for enta dia kontri for 15 days, close schools and restaurants.

Deh take dis decision afta President Alassane Ouattara preside security council meeting with health officials for check situation for Coronavirus outbreak for di kontri.

Na from France and Italy weh deh import de cases for contaminate local pipo for Abidjan, di health minister of Ivory Coast confam for statement from di Council of National Security.

In addition, Ivory Coast put control for land, air and sea borders; quarantine suspects and dia contacts for some centres dem.

Close schools from nursery, primary, secondary to university level for 30 days form March 16.

Ivory Coast di also close night clubs, cinemas, restaurants, and big places.

Stop more dan 50 pipo for gada for public for 15 days as from March 18.

All sport and cultural events go mash break for 15 days.

De first case don well and no cause for alarm for de odas, di statement add.

For seka say na foreigners di enta Ivory Coast wit de disease, goment stop foreigner from kontris wit over 100 cases for coronavirus, for 15 days and deh fit extend’am one taim.

Ivorians and oda foreigners wey dia kontri neva get up to 100 cases get 14 days quarantine once deh enta kontri.

Goment don call on di kontri pipo for respect body hygiene, no touching greeting, embrace, hugs and make deh no chop bush meat again.

Deh di call on traditional rulers for helep make sure say all man for Ivory Coast respect de decisions weh goment take.