Coronavirus treatement: US Food and Drug Administration joinbodi neva approve Chloroquine wey Trump say ‘fit treat Covid-19’

Donald Trump

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Trump bin claim say FDA don alredi approve di drug for coronavirus treatment

US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) don come out say ‘cha cha’, dem neva approve any melecine wey fit treat, cure or prevent di Coronavirus and dem still dey do research.

Di message from FDA, wey be di highest join-bodi wey dey control health mata for America, counter one anti-malaria drug, Chloroquine wey US Presido Donald Trump claim say fit treat Coronavirus.

Tori be say oga Trump for live TV address wey im give on Thursday claim say di Food and Drug Administration (FDA) don approve di drug for treatment of di virus.

But, inside latest statement, di joinbodi say dem neva finish studies to conclude weda true-true chloroquine fit treat patients wey get Covid-19 to reduce dia symptoms.

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Chloroquine na melecine wey dem dey use treat malaria, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

“E don show very good results. And we go fit make di drug available sharp-sharp. They (FDA) don go thru di approval process, dem don approve am. We go fit make di drug available…,” Trump bin tok for press briefing

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn say, “We must make sure say dis products dey effective, if not we go dey take risk to treat patients wit product wey fit no work wen dem for use oda beta treatments.”

Di FDA bin approve plenti treatments wey fit reduce di symptoms of Covid-19 but no treatment yet.

A month earlier naim world pipo begin query dis mata

On 20 February 2020, one group of sabi pipo wey dey apply di Ebola response experience to Malaria, Lassa fever, Diarrhoea diseases and Polio prevention dey claim say Remdesivir and Chloroquine fit control coronavirus.

Di group wey call dem sefs COVID-19 Response Mode – post article for Cell Research science journal say afta dem do test, dem find out say remdesivir (EC50 = 0.77 μM; CC50 > 100 μM; SI > 129.87) and chloroquine (EC50 = 1.13 μM; CC50 > 100 μM, SI > 88.50) get power to block virus infection at low-micromolar concentration and e show high selectivity index (SI).

Na Chinese names; Manli Wang, Ruiyuan Cao, Leike Zhang, Xinglou Yang, Jia Liu, Mingyue Xu, Zhengli Shi, Zhihong Hu, Wu Zhong & Gengfu Xiao be di writers of dis article wey don begin trend for social media.

One medical expert tell BBC Pidgin on Thursday morning say dis findings no dey strange to science but wetin di COVID-19 Response Mode group dey claim ontop coronavirus, go need ogbonge organizations like WHO and American Food Drug Agency to verify am before pipo begin try am.

Di vaccine alias special injection wey fit treat di new coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ fit dey ready in 18 months, according to World Health Organization.

Dr. Olurotimi Agboola wey be Family Physician for Lagos State University Teaching Hospitals tok say as Remdesivir na drug wey fit fight virus and Chloroquine although no be anti-viral agent, e get power to block disease spread for bodi.

So if dem combine dis two drugs togeda, e fit produce strong result. But dis na sumtin wey dey subject to further verification, according to Dr. Agboola.

For dem twitter handle di ‘COVID-19 Response Mode’ tok say; ‘Treat wit caution. Remdesivir and Chloroquine dey effective to inhibit di coronavirus disease (2019-nCoV) wey emerge recently.

Dis na vitro cell research. But dey warn say make dem use di combination unda close observation’.

Alredi about 2,004 pipo don die for di Covid-19 – coronavirus disease.

Since wey di tori land, ‘Chloroquine’ begin trend for Nigeria and oda parts of west africa. Di sale of dis drug for pharmacy dey banned inside Nigeria.

Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19
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Wetin we know about Coronavirus

As at today di virus wey don kill more dan 9,390 pipo and infect over 230,717 pipo all ova di world. About 86,261 pipo don also recover.

Di virus, wey dem also know as 2019-nCoV, na new strain of coronavirus wey dem neva see for humans before.

Coronaviruses na broad family of viruses, but na only six (di new one go make am seven) na im expert know say don infect pipo.

World Health Organization bin don advise say make pipo avoid “unprotected” contact with live animals, and make dem cook meat and eggs well-well, plus avoid close contact with anyone wit cold or flu-like symptoms as way to protect demsef against COVID19.

Both scientist for Nigeria and all ova di world don dey work togeda to find out di source of di virus and e be say dem neva still know di source.

Wetin be di Symptoms of Coronavirus

Di main symptoms include ;

  • Difficulty to breath or shortness of breath
  • Fever
  • Coughing and sneezing.
  • E fit also lead to organ failure
  • Pneumonia
  • And Death