Coronavirus Update: Cameroon don confam total of 21 cases of Covid-19 outbreak

A health worker taking temperatures at the main airport in Ethiopia - March 2020

For inside most airports dem dey screen travellers and travel restrictions don tanda for Cameroon

Cameroon don confirm total of 21 cases for Coronavirus, Covid-19 health Minister, as kontri pipo no gree respect hygiene

Health Minister, Manaouda Malachie tweet dis morning say kontri pipo no di respect hygiene and goment e rules as reason why de infection di increase for Cameroon.

“Deh di put demselves and odas for danger”, Manaouda Malchie tok, as e announce 07 new Covid-19 cases for Yaoundé”.

Health boss announce de 07 cases afta e tok yesterday say 03 passengers test positive out of 198 for Air France flight weh e land for Yaoundé Nsimalen airport for March 17.

Now de number for positive cases don hit 21 from when goment announce 13 for press conference and one afta de presser.

E nova bi clear who de seven pipo bi and how deh get de virus but goment di still call kontri pipo for bi double careful, respect hygiene.

Cameroonians too di wanda why some pipo laik national assembly president, Cavaye Yeguie no respect quarantine, di parade e sef for national assembly everyday.

Also why e go call meeting for MPs today weh goment say make more dan 50 pipo no gada for one place.

Barrister Agbor Balla don condemn dis kana act say de national assembly boss no bi above de law.

Health boss say deh de first two cases test negative and deh don go back for house even if deh di still monitor dem.

Cameroon don set up place for check de passengers for multi-purpose sports complex.

But most of all, make kontri pipo respect hygiene rules, wash hands wit soap, no touch nose eyes, no shake hands…

If deh get catarrh, fever, headache, no di breath fain make deh call 1510 and deh go take care.