Coronavirus – Virus: COVID-19 Infection di daso high as Cameroon confirm total of 13 positive cases

Cameroon don confirm new cases of Covid-19 for total 13 cases for country as de number di so-so high.

Yesterday Cameroon take some 13 strong measures for reduce spread-close border, schools, stop visas, gadaring for more dan 50 pipo and plenti odas.

But, some kontri pipo say goment too late, as deh for act fast wen de first case start.

Since weh Coronavirus enta Cameroon for March 6, till today na 13 case for Coronavirus dey Cameroon, but de first two don well, goment tok.

Just now, de new cases weh deh get de disease dey for different parts of Cameroon, two for Bafoussam, one for Garoua.

Goment say plenti of de cases di take treatment for Yaoundé and deh bring two from Bafoussam today.

Yesterday goment order some passengers weh deh enta kontri for go sleep for some hotels for 14 days make deh check dem before deh go back home.

If deh no get sign for de disease den deh go turn back for house.

For Douala deh keep 261 pipo for hotels, and some dey for Yaounde.

Some of dem di complain say de hotels dem no clean and some hotels no gree de passengers as deh no bi inform dem before.