Coronavirus – Virus: How social distancing fit slow down di Covid-19 pandemic

World Health Organization – WHO recommend ‘social distancing’ as one of di ways to protect against coronavirus, and goments don dey advice pipo to do am. But wetin e really mean?

To make am straightforward, social distancing mean say make pesin try to avoid touch-touch wit oda pipo, especially di ones wey dey show signs of di disease.

E also mean say make pesin no dey spend too much time outside, wia pipo plenty.

Coronavirus tips: How to self-isolate to prevent di spread of Covid-19
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WHO wey be di global health joinbodi believe say social distancing fit epp to slowdown di spreading of Covid-19 (in addition to washing of hands, and to cover mouth during coughing).

5 tins to remember about social distancing

  • No touch anybody wey dey show symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Dis fit be high temperature and/or cough wey no gree cease;
  • No use public transport unless e dey important, no comot during rush hour, if possible;
  • Do your work from house, if possible. Your employer suppose support you on dis one;
  • No go wia plenty pipo gada, or even places like gym, swimming pool, cinemas, restaurants, theatres, bars and clubs.
  • Try not to hook up wit friends and family for outing. Instead use technology like as phone, internet, and social media.

Although all those tins by demsef no go stop di spread of di disease, according to WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus wey tok on 16 March. E say instead na testing and isolation go be di way to ‘break di chain’ of coronavirus.

For one social event wey happun for Lagos, south-western Nigeria over di weekend, di organisers bin tell BBC di red carpet no go dey jampack. And every media company go get dia own separate area to make sure say guests no mix anyhow.

Ghanaians dey celebrate say dia team win football match

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When goment order social distancing, e normally go mean say plenty pipo no fit gada togeda inside small place again

On Monday, 16 March, Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson don advice citizens to work from dia house and no gada togeda to jolly as di kontri death toll number don rise to 55.

“Dis blockade ontop outside jolly-jolly fit last for months or at least weeks,” tok di UK number 1 doctor, Chris Whitty.

On 15 March, South Africa presido Cyril Ramaphosa declare for national speech say schools go dey closed and travel ban go dey. On top of dis, all gatherings of more than 100 people don dey “prohibited”.

One day later, Ghana goment impose ban on all public gatherings like conferences, funerals, festivals, political rallies, church services, Islamic worship for 4 weeks starting Monday, 16 March, 2020.

Also goments of western kontries don begin advice dia citizens to practice social distancing, including United Kingdom, United States and Australia.