Coronavirus: Why Covid-19 fit spread for taxi, bike and bus dem for Yaoundé

Bike no di respect number for pipo for Yaounde

Pipo ontop bike for Cameroon

Some taxi, bensikin (bikes) and taxi dem for Yaoundé no di respect number for pipo weh deh suppose carri and hygiene rules.

Ernest Ngalle Bihehe, Transport Minister say make bensikin carri only one man, taxi- four pipo plus driver, bus 50 pipo and respect hygiene for reduce spread for Coronavirus.

Make agencies deh put give hand sanitizer for passenger before de enta bus, encourage dem for put mask, minister add.

Just now 70 pipo get Covid-19 for Cameroon as Centre for Disease Control and Protection confirm for night. One pesin weh e bi enta kontri for march 7 from Italy die yesterday.

But, for one of de agencies weh e di transport pipo go West region for Biyemassi for Yaoundé, Kamdem say deh go still put water and soap for passengers.

For dis taim all man di enta moto weh deh no put give dem hand sanitisers and some no even wash dia hands. Only few of dem wear mask.

Constance Andi, passenger weh na one of de few for wear mask say na because e read say de virus too di stay long for 8 hours air so e wan take chances, e say na taim for influenza weh efit turn to Covid-19.

“We di follow order we don buy hand sanitizer, alcohol savon, and wen passenger kam, e di wash hand. We don start for spray before motor komot for Bamenda and wen e go reach Yaoundé we go spray” , Oliver Gamje manager for Nso Boyz tell BBC News Pidgin.

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But only few pipo di wash hand, some di just waka pass de bucket and soap. Florence weh e kam wash hand say e wan protect e sef as e no know de kana tins weh e don touch.

Oda agencies laik Amour Mezam no sign for wata for wash hand, and Moghamo but dis own bucket and soap, but di wanda why deh give bucket and some for some agencies no give for all.

Bensikin-motorcycle get for carri only one pesin now, some di respect but some no di respect.

Ignatius say e di respect now di only carri one pesin because police be don stop e tell one of de pipo for drop as deh no di carri two pipo again.

Bike man Ignatius for Yaounde

Bike man for Yaounde

Taxi suppose carri now na two pipo for back and one for front, but papa Yahuza Adamu weh na taxi driver say deh don already make dem for carri only one pesin for front and e no fit carri only two pipo for back.

For seka say pipo no di respect de rules for block Coronavirus, some kontri pipo don si ak make goment lock down Yaoundé and Douala

But afta evaluation for de first measures weh goment put, Prime Minister Joseph Doian Ngute say deh no go lock down for now.

But deh go fit punish pipo weh from dis behaviour spread contagious and dangerous diseases as e dey for article 260 for penal code.