COVID-19: Oyedepo Holds Church Service, Says ‘Plague Cannot Stop Us’

David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo

Bishop David Oyedepo, the general overseer of the living faith church also known as winners chapel held church service on Sunday, despite government ban on religious gathering of over 50 people as a preventive measure against the spread of coronavirus.

During the church service, Oyedepo declared that no plague can come near the children of the most high.

He further criticized the government over its handling of the dreaded disease.

His said: Coronavirus: Police Seal Off Church For Flouting Restriction On Religious Gathering

“Plagues cannot stop us. Coronavirus cannot stop God’s children, but I assure you that the solution will be found this week.

“Only the help of God can save us, our markets are open so there is no way to curb this but only God can save Africa from this pandemic.

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“We are a law-abiding people and pray for this to be over but we will manage this till the end.

“Strategies are being developed on how to manage this with respect to our worship programs. We will come up with specific programs during the week that will be communicated to everyone.

“Our Zonal positions may have to be enlarged to accommodate a lot of people.”

He added: “May God help our policymakers to make the right decision in finding solution to this scourge called Coronavirus.

“You are sending them for where they are more secured to where they would be exposed to the disease.

“You are sending them away from where they are not more than 20 back home to go and sell pepper for their mothers in the market where there are more people.

“You block people from having access to malls in the name of preventing disease but you don’t know that the only disease that doesn’t have a cure is hunger.

“May God help our leaders to make the right decision in search of a solution to this pandemic.”


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