Don’t Kill Yourself Over A Cheating Partner: Celebrity Police, Dolapo Badmus Advices

Dolapo Badmus
Popular Nigerian Police Officer, Dolapo Badmus

Popular celebrity police officer, Dolapo Badmus has advised the general public against committing suicide or taking the life of a cheating partner.

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Speaking via her official Instagram page, she stated that death is never the solution.

She wrote:

“Having a cheating partner can be painful….the feeling can make you go nut! But how on earth do taking your partner’s life be the solution? It’s most appalling when you even commit suicide…..painfully leaving behind young offsprings…..why?????
No one should kill his or herself over a cheating partner! **IF YOU HAVE A CHEATING PARTNER, JUST STAY FAR AWAY AND SEPERATE WITH SUCH IF YOU CAN’T COPE…..Goodluck to those that can cope” LIFE IS GOOD…..DON’T LET ANYONE TAKE YOUR LIFE!”


  1. My people hear and hear this advise very well. We came to this life separately and separately shall we go so killing yourself
    or killing your partner will not solve any problem If you die you will go to hell and if the law catch up with you, you will
    face the full arm of the law as well as judgement before God Almighty. There can be mango-mango before human-being but no mango-mango be God. Take note


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