Enugu Health Workers React After Patient Dies In Isolation Centre

Enugu state health workers have reacted after the daughter of the patient, who passed away in their isolation Centre, accused them of negligence.

Enugu Isolation Centre
Enugu Isolation Centre

The deceased daughter announced the 70-year-old woman also tested negative to coronavirus but she said the manner and state in which the latter was treated was “inhumane” and that she was kept in an “abandoned old section of the hospital” that is not habitable.

Reacting to the claims, the health workers shared photos of the hospital and of health workers wearing the protective covering as they noted that they did their best to take care of the deceased.

The statement signed by a number of health workers reads:

“The 70-year old woman was promptly received and interviewed by doctors without any form of stigmatization from them or other health workers.”

The health workers dispelled claims that negligence was the cause of the woman’s death.

Revealing her cause of death, they wrote:

“She had hypertension, sugar issues and kidney disease which were poorly managed before her admission at the isolation centre. Her personal doctor, a specialist at the ESUTH Parklane, was also contacted and later went to the Isolation Centre with two other specialists to see this woman.

“Some important tests were done which showed the woman’s blood level was very low, hence needing transfusion.”

The health workers alleged that the woman’s son also refused to donate blood for her and they had to source for it outside.

They referred to the daughter’s allegations as “mischievous”.

The statement continues:

“We therefore state categorically that this allegation is false, mischievous and a clear case of ingratitude.”

“Where was the daughter all this while the mother was sick and being managed. It will be candid of us to know that where the woman was managed was clean and not the picture that is circulating as seen above. May her soul rest in peace.”

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See tweets below:

The health workers reaction
The health workers reaction
The health workers reaction
The health workers reaction
The health workers reaction
The health workers reaction



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