Excellent Images Shot With The TECNO CAMON 12 Featured On National Geographic, Leading Photography Magazine

Whether you know photography or not, you must have heard of National Geographic. It’s a leading photography magazine in the world! So how good would a mobile photographic work be to be featured in such a top magazine? 

Well, that answer is simple. That mobile photographic work has to be TECNO Camon 12 good. And here is why; not long ago, photographs taken by TECNO CAMON 12 mobile phone were so awesome they were featured in National Geographic.

As the most influential and widely known human geography magazine in the world, National Geographic is famous for its high-quality photographs. They are extremely selective: only one out of one thousand works from outstanding photographers and journalists gets to be chosen. So, it isn’t surprising that National Geographic has become the ultimate dream destination for photography enthusiasts around the world.

The photographs taken by TECNO Camon 12 and published in National Geographic were taken by a young amateur photographer in Côte d’Ivoire, Marc Olivier N’GUESSAN. His best friend who knew about N’GUESSAN’s love for photography shared with him a link to the TECNO Global Photography Competition, from where his magical journey started.

TECNO knew the capabilities of the Camon camera, and what better way to let the whole world in on it than initiate a photography competition that involved photography lovers capturing monumental moments with the Camon 12 camera, and experience the beauty of mobile photography.

This event attracted the active participation of more than 4.77 million photography enthusiasts from 15 countries and regions. World-renowned photographer, Michael Christopher Brown, who is known for recording the Libyan war with his mobile phone, visited the offline photography training camp set up by TECNO in Nigeria to talk about the skills and fun of mobile photography.

Michael Christopher Brown directed participants to shoot
Michael Christopher Brown directed participants to shoot

N’GUESSAN work was highly recognized by National Geographic. What this has proven in clear terms is that the camera function of TECNO CAMON 12 is indeed outstanding; participants of the competition couldn’t stop attesting to this fact. 

Michael Brown too had all praises for the accuracy of color and skin tone of CAMON 12: “I really like the colors presented by the CAMON 12 camera. They are very real and penetrating. The skin tones of people are also very beautiful. I am very impressed.” 

Rich Allela from Kenya also said that the AI camera and the 120-degree ultra-wide-angle lens of CAMON 12 have made his photography excellent and full of details.  

Photograph by contestant Rich Allela taken with TECNO CAMON 12

Indeed, TECNO CAMON 12 uses 16MP + 2MP + 8MP HD rear-facing cameras and 1.6μm (4in) super large pixels. By increasing the photosensitive area of a single pixel, it can bring better colors and take outstanding low light photography. Its 120-degree ultra-wide-angle and 2cm extreme macro; AI camera, multi-scene switching, new HDR and other functions all provide more possibilities for CAMON 12 to become a professional camera phone.

Photograph by contestant Elvis Akewe taken with TECNO CAMON 12

Obviously, Camon 12 deserves to be one of TECNO’s legendary camera phones. It is said that TECNO will soon release its latest product of TECNO CAMON series. We are looking forward to TECNO beating the performance set by the Camon 12 Series.


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