Former Ekiti Governor, Segun Oni Moves To Dump APC

Segun Oni
Segun Oni

Former governor of Ekiti state, Segun Oni has announced that he is set to dump the ruling All Progressive Congress to return back to the Peoples Democratic party (PDP).

The former governor who joined the APC in 2014 added that even if he is given the whole world by the APC and his supporters are marginalized, he would still exit the party.

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He made this known on Monday while fielding questions from newsmen at Ado Ekiti, the state capital.

“It is true that I am leaving the APC for the PDP. You all knew the kind of treatment I have been getting. As we speak, none of my supporters was being allowed to get appointment or contest elections in APC.

“If the APC gives me the whole world, I won’t be happy seeing integral part of my political family, I mean my supporters being treated badly.

“Is that how to run a party? You leave out some people when you are giving out appointments all just because they belong to the Segun Oni political family?

“When I was the APC deputy national chairman, some of them said they suspended me from the party. Up till this moment, the issues surrounding the so-called suspension have not been attended to.

“We have to fight against the tyranny of the minority that is existing in the party. How can some people, who are not even party excos at the ward level gather together to announce the suspension of a party leader?

“We have taken a decision and we are at the process of joining the PDP. We are going to set up implementation committee to work on our programme of actions.

“I am not that kind of a politician that will rush at things; we can’t just go back that way. There must be proper planning. We are carrying out local government by local government counting of those that will follow us.

“Those who took the action were my supporters across all the local governments and 177 wards, who felt bad about the whole scenario in APC.

“But the major thing is that, we are moving, we have taken a decision to go back and on that we are working on,” he said.