He Abused Me For 7 Years – Nollywood Actress, Timmy K Makes Startling Claims About Ex-Husband

Nollywood actress, Timmy K Macnicol has opened up to being abused for over 7 years in her previous relationship before ending it.

Speaking in an interview with TheSun, she further stated that her former husband made her swear a blood oath that she would not have an extramarital affair.

“He started as a God father to me and from there to something else and then we got involved and got engaged. As of then i was still busy with my career. Things happened and I got pregnant. I was on a movie training in Ghana when i discovered that I was pregnant. That was where my mystery started. That movie would have been my major breakthrough but he took my career away from me”.

“No one believes what I am going through, no one believes that emotional abuse is real. It got to a point that I couldn’t hold myself anymore, I felt empty I felt like the whole world has ended, I felt less human. I cant be going through pain like this just in the name of marriage. We were married for seven years.

“The abuse started without me knowing I was being abused because I was quite young then and naive so I didn’t understand what is emotional and physical abuse. He said he was looking after me as a father figure. Being an orphan I had no idea i was being taken advantage of my ignorance. When my pregnancy was seven months he would come back home only to start abusing me physically. He hit me real bad when I was seven months pregnant, he even strangled me. I can’t use one of my thumbs anymore as a result of his physical assault on me. He deleted every single piece of evidence I had against him. I started living here like a maid not a wife, he put a tracking device on my phone, even the TV in the house I didn’t have a password to it, he operated it all the way from Ghana because he was in Ghana while I and my son were in the UK. He knows every single thing I do.

“When we married, he forced me to swear blood oat with him that i will never cheat on him or leave him in any circumstances. This is why i will always advise young ladies never to marry elderly men no matter how much money he has. If you get married to him because he will better your life just the same way I did there are things inside that marriage that you cannot handle. It will destroy you gradually, you will have money in your account and you can’t spend it.

“I haven’t had sex for good nine years even tho I am married. I went back to being a virgin after giving birth to my son.”