I Felt Sharp Pain In My Back And Ribs – Actress, Bukola Arugba Shares Her Near-Death Experience

Actress Bukola Arugba
Actress Bukola Arugba

Actress Bukola Arugba has taken to her Instagram page to narrate her near-death experience.

According to the screen diva, she was all set for a party when she called her beautician to come give her the finishing touch when she started feeling some pounding pain in her body down to the rib.

She wrote:

I give GOD ALMIGHTY all the glory , honor, power and majesty #HALLELUYAH #AMEN … Last week Friday came like every other day, woke up to my daily routines, got on the road to put many things in place, ought to attend a party on Saturday so, called in my beautician to make my hair, and that of my twins , she was ready for my nails when I had a sharp n pounding pain in my body, down to my back n ribs, I couldn’t stand straight any more, had shivers, my body temperature sky rocketed, I discharged my beautician and told her to come next morning for my make up thinking I would be fine, thank God, Hawtie came in from location, and alas , we didn’t sleep all through d night, I cried like a baby in agonizing pain, next morning I got rushed to d hospital , I was admitted, spent some few days and given what I hate n fear most … injections upon injections, 😭 I hated them all. But thank Goodness, God restored my health, I’m back and better, did most of my posts on that bed. Lovers, appreciate each day as day come, be extremely thankful for good health,going out and coming in, We mostly take these God’s free gifts for granted, all my plans for last weekend didn’t happen but thank God life happens . well and better now. #HALLELUYAH


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