I Want A Friend That Would Damn All Consequence For Me Like El-Rufai -Ali Baba

Governor Elrufai and Deposed Emir Sanusi
Governor Elrufai and Deposed Emir Sanusi

Foremost Nigerian stand-up comedian, Ali Baba has stated that he wants a friend that would damn all consequence for him, like El-Rufai, Kaduna state governor, did for Sanusi Lamido, the dethroned Emir of Kano state.

Alibaba made this known via his official Instagram page on Friday.

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El-Rufai left his Kaduna base to pay the deposed Emir a visit at Awe before they proceeded to Abuja together.

He wrote:

I want a friend like @nelrufai. I want a friend that will damn all consequences for me.

I want a friend who will lift me up when I have been let down by constituted authority.

I want a friend who can relate with me, without thinking their positions in life must define our relationship.

I want a friend whose intelligence, character, values and views on general issues meet on different levels and levels out when we differ.

I want a friend, who, when I’m in trenches, when I run out of arms, when I’m taking incoming fire, when I have been shot,… will cut short their cruise, to help heal my bruises.
I want a friend like @nelrufai. I want to be an @nelrufai to my friends.


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