Kenny Rogers die at 81 – See wetin young pipo gatz know about di Country musician

Kenny Rogers

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American ogbonge contry musician Kenny Rogers don die at di age of 81.

Pesin for im family, say im “die peacefully for im house from natural causes”.

Rogers win three Grammy awards and dey popular for songs like Tyhe Gambler, Lucile, Cowartd of the County among plenti odas wey make im career last ova sixty years.

E tok say im songs dey tok “wetin evri man wan tok and wetin evri woman wan hear.”

Keny Rogers bin grow up for inside poverty for Texas before im start music wey make am launch im solo career for 1976.

E follow plenti oda ogbonge country musicians sing like Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson.

Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton back in 2010

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Rogers and close friend Dolly Parton follow sing di ogbonge 1983 hit, Islands in the Stream

For 2013, e enta di Country Music Hall of Fame and even for dat year e perform “The Gambler” twice for Glastonbury on top how pipo gbadun di song.

Kenny Rogers don also follow act for plenti feem and TV shows wey include di 1982 feem Six Pack.

E bin marry five times and get five pikin.