Make Additional Income From Football Betting Online And Everyday

It actually sounds like a joke because it’s unheard of, that something like this can actually work and rake in millions in a month but it actually does. All we need in life is to be informed and once you are, you have access to unhindered information that will turn 1 dollar into 10,000 dollars in less than 30days and that is why we have come to the rescue. 

Look if you have a job or you are a student or you own a business and you think that an additional consistent $1500 – $2500 monthly will make a great difference in your life, then join us on this journey to wealth. Funny enough it will only require 3 minutes of your time daily (just to log in, insert your code, and then log out).


Welcome here, thank you for registering and joining us. Please do not ignore this, you need to understand this clearly, so just leave whatever you are doing and spend a maximum of 7 minutes reading this so that you can understand it before you go back to what you are doing. Taking action will then be left to you to take your time and decide. 

Here we are introducing you to soccer tips that will fetch you cool cash daily, even if you are not a soccer fan or you know nothing about football. After all we have people making millions from owning fashion houses but do not know how to sew, we have people raking in millions from owning a restaurant but do not even know how to cook and we also have people making money from Uber business but do not know how to drive. It goes on and on like, hence I am holding your hand side by side to join me in making money from soccer. This is not donation or investment or putting your money in a fly by night system, this is putting your money in an opportunity that is smiling right back at you. Soccer ordinarily is one of the most lucrative multi-billion dollar businesses you can ever come across and will continue to be. Have you ever seen how soccer brings people together, even enemies? The sports trading industry is the key needed to unlock our potential wealth. Any investment that is sport inclusive is a good one and you will never go wrong.

If you look at the above table. you will notice that in just one day 20,000 naira raked in over 40,000 naira, those who staked 50,000 naira won over 100,000 naira, those who staked 100,000 naira won over 200,000 naira and those who staked 500,000 naira won over a million naira and those who staked 5 million won over 10 million naira, I know of a guy who does not stake less than a million naira for every stake, for the purpose of some of us who are struggling, lets us stick to between 20,000 and 50,000 naira daily (about $100).

If you must profit from this then you have to leave doubt behind and believe that this is what you need to make it financially, as you do not need to work or stress your brain putting games together.. We will put it together daily for you, all we need to give you is the booking code, which you just have to log into your account and insert it, this will not take more than 3 or 4 minutes of your time every day. So tell me, won’t you be happy to spend 3 or 4 minutes daily to get $2,500 monthly? for the purpose of making money and being able to cash out even at the middle of the game, I will advise you register with sporty bet  wwwdotsportybetdotcom

I spent over 2 years researching on how to breakeven in this trade, I invested over $75,000 just to take risks and trying different sources, while I was searching for the genuine source of getting these tips daily, even at that the tips are still not 100% efficient but we manage to get 95%, we cannot lie to you or trick you telling you there is anything like fixed match but we can assure you that, it is impossible to bet for 31days and not win from at least 21 days. Now you do not need to go through what I went through searching for a good source, I have finally gotten the source and I have been using it with those who have already subscribed and we have been winning, I will not waste my time and your time splashing different games won and the money I withdrew so that it won’t look like I am intimidating anyone, likewise will I not waste your time splashing my different holiday destinations and how much I spent, we are here for business and I do go straight to business. Again I don’t want to make this webpage rough otherwise, I would have plastered it with screenshots left, right and center.

Once you get used to this, I can assure you that you will resign from your present job just to stay at home and play your games, taking home at least $2,000 monthly, if you are a businessman, you will want to work from home so that you can have ample time to relax as that is the spirit that comes along with making money. I personally have never worked for anybody in my whole life because  I am always online making money, even more than my would-be employer. We will all key into a daily betting system called

The Over 1.5 goals  

ACCUMULATOR Rollover System

Yes on a daily basis we receive about 7 – 8 games from our source which they know will score at least 3 -4 goals and we pick about 2 -3 games, book them to score just 2 -3 goals and stake high. If the teams sent to us are teams that we know are good in scoring, we can then book 2 separate games same day, having one as a backup.

 Let’s do a little calculation here so that you see what I am talking about.

Say you spend $100 playing games daily for 31days that will give you

$100 x 31 =$3100,

 Say you lose 25% of the days (8 days), so let’s say you loose 

$100 x 8 -$800,

 It means that you still won in

$3100 -$800= $2300

$2300 x 2 odds =$4600

We multiplied by 2 odds because the games we will give you daily will be around 2 odds, so your profit will now be 

$4600 – $3100 =$1500 (at least)

It means that when a month is bad, you will still get a profit of $1500 dollars, if you bet with $100, for those who bet with as much as $1000 dollars, your profit will be $15,000 when a month is bad. Mind you it is just the first $100 you need to start with, because from day 2, you can decide to keep your profit and re-stake with your capital. Again you can decide to make higher profit daily by re-staking the next day with your capital and profit, the choice is entirely yours. 

For example

If you stake in day one with $100 and you win $100 x 2 odds =$200, in day 2 instead of staking $100  again, you can decide to stake the entire $200 making $200 x 2 odds = $400 or keep $50 profit and stake $150 dollars profit-making $150 x 2 odds =$300, then in day 3 you stake $400 x 2 odds = $800 dollars, then in day 4 you stake $800 x 2 odds = $1600 dollars, you can see that before the end of the month, you must have made over 100,000 dollars in profit, the higher the risk, the more profit you make. But lets us recycle every 4 days.

If you stick to this recycling every day without staking higher, you get $1600  every 4 days and then start all over again from day 5, meaning

We have 7 of that 4 days in a month, if we multiply 7 x $1600 = $11200, as you can see you will still get $11,200 dollars in one month, starting with $100.

NOTE: You are not giving us these monies but you are staking it.

Please do not get me wrong, any option in betting is good just that most are risky, but over 1.5 goals; which have proven to be the most consistent and profitable of all the betting options. It might sound easy to you, thinking you can just go online and pick and team to score over 1.5 goals without seeking the professionals like us when you do that, it is then you will realize that some teams with very little odds which you think will score 8 goals, might not even score 1 goal thought the game, again if you know the right team that will score 2 goals, you will notice that even in first half they score the 0ver 1.5 and you bank your money immediately, once any of the teams score a goal, the second team with try to equalize while the same team that scored earlier will also be trying to score a second goal to keep there in charge, while they are both trying to do this, your account balance swells. 

I ordinarily will love to disclose my source but will not disclose this source for the safety of you and i. People can go to them and pay them huge money to stop operating if they realize how powerful our approach is and knowing our source. This source is 100% trustworthy!  But I will give them 95% because I believe that 100% is only for God. 


If you want to join us on this journey to make money, I will suggest you put aside a starting capital of between $50 and $300. If you are just joining us, use only 50% on the first day and if you stake on day 1 and win then you can use all money won for day 2, if we win on day 2, we shall use all money won for day 3 and if we win on day 3 we shall use all money won for day 4. Then you keep your profit aside and start again with half of your initial capital which is between $50 and $300, you do another 4 days and save then start again. You can decide to keep going on and on but use your discretion to keep aside a part of the winning, so that you can always have tangible profit. Do not worry, we will always carry you along and remind you

I have made it easier for everyone to participate, you might think you do not need it because you are not a soccer fan or because you can do it on your own but it will pay you to roll with us. 

I cannot tell you everything now, join us and we will reveal all you need to know, we will also send you games everyday.

How do I join?

You can join us by registering via this link     

And we will email you all the necessary information so that we can add you to the list where you get the games daily.

Note that we will refund you if you do not make a profit at the end of the month.

Register with a bookie of your choice; betkingdotcom, sportybetdotcom, bet9jadotcom etc. Ensure you deal with reliable bookies and not some unknown ones. Though for this cause we will prefer sporty bet and bet9ja.

Oh! You know nothing about football? Not a problem at all because you don’t need it as I do not even watch soccer or know anything about it

Yours Sincerely,
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