Many People Have Ingrates In Their Family – Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has dished out a piece of advice for everyone, saying they should steer clear doing anything for ingrates.

According to Omokri, ungrateful people are never satisfied as no matter how much help you render, they will only remember the one you did not do.

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Don’t do anything for ingrates except you are prepared to do everything for them because they will only remember the one you did not do.

“Sadly, a lot of the ingrates tend to be family members who think God put you on Earth to live up to their expectations.

“They will gauge your wealth and use that as the basis for their marriage and every time they have a child, they come to you. When you finally have enough, they will tag you wicked and teach their children to hate their ‘wicked’ uncle!”


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