Police Allegedly Arrest Celebrity Journalists Over Damaging Report (Video)

According to LIB, two notable journalists have been taken into custody for publishing a damaging story about fashion designer, Yutee Rone.

The men identified as Abiola Aloba and Sunday Adebayo were said to have made several allegations against Rone.

Aloba, who used to write for Encomium Magazine but now owns Maestro Media Blog, published a story earlier this year with claims and even though, he did not mention names, readers concluded that he was writing about Yutee Rone.

Yutee Rone is the owner of fashion brand, Yutee Rone Atelier who is happily married to billionaire businessman and Chairman of UTM Group, Julius Rone.

The damaging story posted about Yutee was later taken down from Aloba’s website after calls were made to him.

However, on February 7, the story showed up on another website called Lagos Edition and it also mentioned names and even posted photos of the fashion designer and the people she’s allegedly involved with.

The allegations made on this website were said to have been very damaging as promiscuity was also listed.

Aloba was suspected as the person behind the story since he posted something similar initially.

However, he denied it and said he had nothing to do with it.

The article was also later taken down from this website, but soon after, it sprang up on another website called Society Now, run by veteran journalist Sunday Adebayo.

Sunday Adebayo is a society reporter and also used to write for Encomium before he struck out on his own.

Soon enough, the story began popping up on Instagram blogs.

Seeing the damage the said publication caused the family, Yutee and her husband, Mr Julius Rone resolved to get to the bottom of the ludicrous story and find the truth and its origin.

It was at this point that Yutee’s husband involved the Inspector General of Police Special Tactical Squad unit to look into the issue because it was getting out of hand.

Sunday Adebayo was arrested on February 27th at midnight at his home and during interrogation, he alleged that the damaging story he published was given to him by Abiola Aloba.

Aloba immediately abandoned his home and family for 4 days and went into hiding.

The high-society reporter was later tracked down and arrested in Lagos on February 28.

Both men were transferred to Abuja for thorough investigations to uncover who their informant is.

In his confession recorded on video, Aloba admitted to publishing the story.

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Aloba and Adebayo were last week arraigned before a court in Abuja and have been charged with criminal conspiracy, intimidation, extortion, and defamation of character.

The case was adjourned till April 15, 2020, and the men, both in handcuffs, were remanded in Keffi prison where they will remain until their next court appearance.

Watch the video below:


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