Saudi Royal Family Used To Come To Nigeria For Medical Treatment – Minister

Olorunmibe Mamora, the minister of state for health has revealed that the Saudi Royal Family used to come down to Nigeria at one point for medical treatment.

Speaking with newsmen on Monday, he added that there is a need for Nigeria to have facilities on ground so as to prevent the citizens from traveling abroad to seek medical services.

“In the 50s and 60s, Nigeria benefitted from medical tourism even as the royal family from Saudi Arabia used to come to the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan for treatment.

“Some people travel abroad for treatment to get equipment or facilities that are not in the country. We need to ensure that we have facilities on the ground that will make our citizens stay back home for treatment. This includes; physical infrastructure, personnel, and equipment.

“Our duty as a country is to put in place proper medicare facilities to take care of the health of citizens.

“Once these things are provided, medical tourism will be reduced and it will make our hospitals attractive.”