Video: Newborn Baby Thrown Into A Barbed Wire By Mother Rescued By Students

Newborn baby
Newborn baby

A newborn baby has been rescued by students of Federal Polytechnic Oko in Anambra state.

The child’s cries were heard at their hostel on Friday night, March 6, 2020.

The baby was found at Munachi Hostel, Oko, Orumba North L.G.A, with her placenta still attached, hanging from the barbed wire of the fence separating their compound from the empty plot of land beside it.

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A student who spoke to LIB said the mother, who is a student of the school, gave birth to the baby in her boyfriend’s room.

They then threw the baby over the fence into the plot of land on the other side. However, their aim fell short and the baby got stuck on the fence.

Investigations then showed that the child’s father is a HND 1 student of Public Administration Department. He pleaded with his roommate to allow his girlfriend to deliver the baby in their room so they could carry out their evil plan. He has since been on the run.




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