Why People Pray Against Witches: Apostle Suleman

Founder of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has explained why people pray “judgemental prayers”.

According to the cleric, people who criticise those who pray against witches have not found themselves in their shoes.

Taking to his Twitter handle on Tuesday, Apostle Suleman analysed situations that force people to make such prayers.

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“I hear people condemn judgemental prayers..condemn prayers against witchcraft.

“Just pray you don’t find yourself in the shoes of those who pray these prayers..if you have been a victim of wickedness then you will understand.

“When you have been married for 10yrs no child..graduated for 12yrs no job..can’t keep a relationship..gone through several disappointments despite your decent character.

“Battling a deadly disease you don’t know where it came from. Always experiencing hatred etc..then you know what it means to confront wickedness…don’t correct anyone’s method of prayers because you don’t know their battles.”


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