You Don’t Need To Shave Your Beard To Prevent Coronavirus

There have been reports trending on social media that shaving off facial hair can protect one from contracting coronavirus.

This misleading information was as a result of an old graphic created by the US health authorities about facial hair and respirators which was used to suggest that men should shave off their beards to avoid catching the coronavirus.

The headline had said: “To be safe from coronavirus, shave your beard, CDC warns”, which claimed that the US health authorities recommend shaving off beards to protect against coronavirus.

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However, according to BBC, the graphic is genuine – but it was created in 2017 (well before the coronavirus outbreak) for workers who wear tight-fitting respirators. Contrary to what’s been reported, the CDC has not published it recently and it does not recommend that people shave off their beards.

The World Health Organization says that thorough and regular hand-washing is crucial in the fight to avoid infection.