$6.9bn Loan: Stop Looting With COVID-19, PDP Tells FG Officials

The Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) has accused federal government officials of using the coronavirus pandemic as an avenue to loot and profiteer themselves.

According to a statement released on the official Twitter handle of the party, the National Assembly was then called upon to protect Nigerians.

“$6.9bn Loan: Stop Profiteering, Looting With COVID-19, PDP Tells FG Officials…Urges NASS to Protect Nigerians

“The @OfficialPDPNig has cautioned officials of the @OfficialAPCNg-led Federal Government to stop using the deadly.

“COVID-19 pandemic as gateway for corrupt profiteering and looting of our national treasury.

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The party lamented that the financial opacity amidst allegations of diversion of billions of naira meant for palliatives to vulnerable citizens is already frustrating the commitment by Nigerians and other well-…

… meaning groups in the overall effort to combat the spread of the scourge in our country.

Our party is worried over the activities of certain officials who are using the COVID-19 pandemic to create and manipulate situations that circumvent financial documentation and accountability rules and…

… pave way for the looting of our treasury and borrowed funds, while the people are left at the mercy of the plague.

This is amidst allegations of plots by unscrupulous officials to manipulate the system and create channel for a slush fund that will be diverted to corrupt @OfficialAPCNg leaders and the cabal, while mortgaging the future of our nation’s generation yet unborn.

Our party fears that there are attempts to hide under COVID-19 to empty our $3.4 billion @IMFLive International Monetary Fund (IMF) saving, thereby leaving our nation dry.

While it is obvious that the @MBuhari administration seeks to use the challenges posed by the coronavirus disease as an excuse for its mismanagement of the economy, which it had wrecked before the outbreak of the pandemic, our party firmly rejects the attempt…

… by rogues in government circles to use the scourge to ‘cash out’ our treasury and further destroy our economy.

Our party invites Nigerians to note that, while a handful of Nigerians have not acknowledged receiving such funds and officials involved have not been able to account for the disbursement, humongous figures are already being bandied to have been spent.

The situation is pathetic and shows how low the social investment system, which the First Lady, @aishambuhari, had earlier warned as being riddled with corruption, had degenerated.

The @OfficialPDPNig therefore wants the @nassnigeria to protect the people by immediately scaling up its oversight activities on the handling of the COVID-19 social intervention funding.




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