7 Things You Can Do During Lockdown Instead Of Begging, By Omokri

Author, Reno Omokri has penned down 7 things people can do instead of begging on social media during the lockdown.

With each passing day, celebrities have taken to different social media platforms to do giveaways for their fans, causing many others to resort to begging them for money.

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Taking to his IG page, Omokri penned 7 things people can do instead of begging.

In his words;

7 things you can do while on #CoronaVirus virus lockdown instead of begging:

”* Analyse your life and discover your purpose

”* Think of your strengths and the tools you have access to that can help you fulfil that purpose

”* Create a 1 year, 5 year and 10 year plan

”* Study money so you can master it. Instead of it mastering you

”* Fast off your modern devices (smartphones, Internet, TV) and hold fast to God

”* Read a book you have been meaning to read * And finally, bond with your family and get to know them better
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