Actress Doris Simeon Reveals First Question She Asked Her Ex-Husband

Nollywood actress Doris Simeon is today celebrating her son who turns 12.

The actress welcomed her son with then-husband Daniel Ademinokan, who is now with actress Stella Damasus.

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Celebrating her son, Doris penned a sweet birthday message alongside a photo of them, sharing in the message that her first question to Daniel then was if their son is black.

My little man my Alhfa (like u call urself 😁😁😍) growing into that inquisitive teenager of mine. When I opened my eyes 6am on this very day that u came into this world of mine at the hospital my first question to ur dad was is he black 🤣🤣🤣 he laughter and said for ur mind Na afin u born o 🤣🤣, I cudnt laugh out well cos of my CS stitches pain and I said awwww can I just see my baby cos I can’t wait for him to start sucking the breast that I have been practicing on how to feed him Ever since I knew I was pregnant. But it was a lie I wanted to see u so bad hold u so bad to tell u, how I will love u till the end of time, u were so small and peaceful and that’s why I thank God for giving me a peaceful loving so reasonable brilliant little Man like U. U make me happy anytime I was told how well u r doing in school and u show me u will never relent and be great, greater me and ur father. God bless my love my heartbeat my world. U melt my heart u say u r the best mum in the world. U r indeed a blessing to ur generation David oritseseundede Ademinokan HAPPY 12th BIRTHDAY 🎂 🎂 love of my life #davidademinokan