Be Kind, But Don’t Be Foolish – Toyin Lawani (Video)

Serial entrepreneur Toyin Lwni has penned a thoughtful piece on her IG page in the midst of the COVID 19 pandemic ravaging the world.

Toyin,who a few days ago gave out to the poor, advised those doing this to be wise and not turn their business into charity.

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The mom of two wrote;

This my Bed Rest they gave me today is making me have time for videos oo, 🙄
.choose the people you want to be nice to ,But let all people know you are running a business so they don’t turn it into a charity organization, had to get Rid of a lot of people due to this ,even when things go wrong with any of your staff ,they will never be on your side ,they will always go out and spoil your brand, I don’t work for hypes , I have paid my dues trust me , years of working for free ,working for mags, videos etc , if you can’t pay me don’t call me, simple .you must think tags is what got me here , it’s God,my Hardwork and talent ,then you will call me and say tiannah I want you to partner with this Big brand and they will tag you 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 maybe 10years ago, is it stones my kids are eating ?with all the plenty mouths that relies on me daily ,my 33businesses won’t run themselves, the people who deserves my kindness are the ones who are kind, big brand yeah ? why can’t you then pay , all the huge brand I work with pay me extremely well cause they know what I’m capable of and they want the best ,I hv never done any service from anyone before and not pay so why can’t u also pay, they all have bills to pay too, 🤦‍♀️they say tiannah don’t worry leave the money and tag me, I’m like pls take your money and I will still tag you,no big deal for me ,is like letting people work for you for free, cause they want to gain experience, if they can’t transport themselves or fend for themselves they will end up stealing from you, Be wise ,Be kind, But don’t be foolish 🙏🙏🙏 choose the people you help wisely.”