FG Reacts To Pastor Oyakhilome’s Comment On Lockdown, 5G Network

The Federal Government has reacted to a comment made by founder of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome that the lockdown of Lagos and Abuja was to allow government secretly install 5G and not for Coronavirus.

Speaking in a TV interview recently, the cleric said “5G is the reason the Federal Government has to lockdown Abuja and Lagos so the 5G could be installed. And there are other cities planned for and as I said before, what killed people in Wuhan, China is not the virus, it was the 5G. If you say it is not, tell us how you discovered yours.”

However, the National Orientation Agency, NOA, has described  Pastor Oyakhilome’s comment as disheartening and unfortunate.

NOA’s spokesman, Paul Ogenyi said Oyakhilome’s claim that the lockdown ordered by the Federal Government in Lagos and Abuja was a mere ruse to lay fibre optic cables in preparation for the launch of 5G technology, was disheartening.

Ogenyi was quoted by PUNCH as saying, “It is very unfortunate that in this sensitive time some of our religious leaders are beginning to behave like they are uninformed. The Vatican has issued a directive that there should be no gatherings. The same has happened in Saudi Arabia.

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“Nigeria has witnessed five deaths and many infections. So, I appeal to religious leaders to seek information if they are not sure of the facts.

“I am actually surprised that Pastor Oyakhilome is making this statement despite repeated clarifications by the Nigerian Communications Commission that 5G has nothing to do with coronavirus.

“Is he saying the lockdown in the US and China is also because they want to lay 5G cables? If that is what he said then he is not informed and he needs to be educated. Nigeria needs to come together to fight this pandemic. It is real and we must fight it. If this kind of information continues to be disseminated, we will be the worse for it,” he lamented.


  1. If federal government is in support of the evil plans why close down the religious garden. The only way the virus will be eliminated is by the garden of the saints in one Accord by worship and prayer together in one body. Haven’t federal government see Tanzania President speech against shot down religious institution because of Corona virus.

  2. The government is not saying the truth. There are a lot of things the government is hiding. If the person that write this knows he not sincere,but economical with the truth. But God is bigger than them all. Pastor Chris is a Man of God that sees what ordinary men don’t see. We should appreciate him for exposing the wicked plan of the devil. All this is state capture. You know quite well.

    • #Tepe, its so unfortunate that you are still blindfolded by some of these so-called men of God, so many of them are not real, they might have big congregation but they are just an ordinary person like you, they can also share fake news just as chris oyakhilome has done. If oyakhilome says there’s nothing like corona virus, then let him go and interact with people that already tested positive for the virus lets see if he will not get it, why is he hiding inside the house protecting himself. There are some countries without 5G but corona virus is killing people there. People should better apply their common senses and stop believing any rubbish fake news.