Having A Lot Of Money Doesn’t Change How You Handle Money, Says Moyo Lawal

Moyo Lawal
Moyo Lawal

Nollywood actress, Moyo Lawal says having a lot of money doesn’t change how one handles money.

Speaking via her official Instagram page on Friday, she said how one spends small money is how one would spend big money.

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She concluded by saying it is either one is sensible with money or not.

She wrote:

Determined by the amount of money in your bank account…… Until my mum passed away, I never realized she used to spend almost all her money on helping others🙄( Thank God, she was in the medical field and made a tangible amount of money) ….. ….. ……… P. S Nope, I am not half as giving as my mother 🙈……. But I try


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