If You Want To Kill People, Starve Them Of Internet – Omokri

Nigerian author and former aide to ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, Renon Omokri, ha shared the one way many can be killed.

According to Reno, food and water starvation will not kill people, but internet starvation will definitely do this.

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In his words;

”If you want to starve people in this age, don’t deprive them of food and water. They will survive. If you really want to kill people, starve them of the Internet. Internet starvation will kill the people of today’s world more than food starvation. They can go without reading Scripture, or praying, but can’t stand even an hour without the Internet. If they forget their phone at home, they will rush back home, Irrespective of whether or not it makes them late for work. But are not willing to do the same if they forget their Bible at home on the way to a Christian gathering”




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