List Of Countries With No Case Of Coronavirus

As several countries of the world battle to contain the coronavirus a pandemic, with hundreds of thousands of people sick and dead, there are a few countries still free from the disease.

According to Anadolu Agency, 15 countries, some from Pacific nations and others from the Africa and Asia region, have not recorded a single confirmed cases so far.

In Africa, the countries include;

1. Lesotho,
2. South Sudan,
3. Yemen,
4. Burundi,
5. Malawi and
6. the region of Western Sahara to date have not reported any coronavirus cases.

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In Asia, the countries include;

1. Turkmenistan,
2. Tajikistan, and
3. North Korea also has no reported cases.

The report states also that there are some Pacific Island nations, due to their isolation and remoteness, are still free from the pandemic.
These countries and regions include:

1. Tonga,
2. Samoa,
3. Vanuatu,
4. the Cook Islands,
5. Niue, and
6. Tuvalu.


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