Only Fake Pastors Commit Suicide – T.B Joshua

T.B Joshua
T.B Joshua

Prophet T.B Joshua has shared his thoughts on mental health and religion.

According to Joshua, the pastors who commit suicide can not be regarded as pastors as a pastor will always have the holy spirit in them as well as guiding them.

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”QUESTION – TB Joshua, why are some pastors committing suicide? Did they commit crime? What might they have done to lead to suicide?

”ANSWER – Are they actually pastors? Because not only must you have God’s Word in order to be a pastor, you must also have God’s Spirit. It is the Spirit that guides, that helps, that monitors.

”It is only when we are pastors without God’s Spirit that this can happen, because situations will overwhelm us or overtake us without the Spirit. Situations will mislead us. Situations will condemn us.

”Situations will lead us to more crime without the Spirit. But when you are born of the Spirit, situations may come but the Spirit is there to see you through because He is our Helper, our Advocate, our Protector, our Defender. If God allows it as a trial, no situation can overwhelm or overpower or mislead you (1 Corinthians 10:13).”