Pretty Mike Shares 25 Random Facts About Himself

Socialite Pretty Mike has taken to his page to share 25 random facts about himself.

One of the things shared is his addiction to social media and Instagram.

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”Tell me 25 random things about you. Or 5 if you’re tired. I’ll go first:
25 random things about me

”1.I love making people happy and putting smiles on faces, it’s a major turn on for me

”2.Oh how I love chicken, I can eat chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner actually 🌚

”3.I am an introvert and Extrovert 😐

”4.I consider myself very family oriented! I love my family a loooottttt!

”5.I seem like a social person that probably knows the whole world but my inner circle is super small and tight!

”6.If you are my friend best believe I’ll move mountains for you; I’m very dependable

”7.I use to believe in Love,not until I found out my ex girlfriend use to use Kanyamata on me💞☹️

”8.To be honest I think I can be very Romantic but this our generation of ladies believe mostly in money for hand 🤣

”9.I’m a Scorpio ; I love having intelligent conversations with people

”10.Looking good is good business! I love to look good my dear! Never to be caught unfresh 🌹

”11.Investment and saving is key and super important to me

”12.I put my mind to anything I genuinely desire to do! What is worth doing is worth doing well they say✌️

”13.I work very hard but I love to find the balance by balling harder

”14.Phone calls is not my thing at all! Especially in this era of social media🙈 if you want to talk to me text me or send a dm

”15.I am a weird Freak,but need to be in a deep relationship with u to allow you see that side of me 🙈

”16.Dancing is my thing even though I don’t know how to! Do I dance? yes I do but in my head and bathroom 😩

”17.If I tell you I’m not feeling fine, it means I will like to be left alone

”18.My bedroom is legit my happiest place on Earth

”19.I’m such a happy soul💃

”20. I don’t consider myself a foodie, I only eat because it’s necessary

”21.I am a Nigerian and I’m not really into all this tribe stuff, I believe we are all one!

”22.I’m addicted to social media and Instagram,been home for 19 days straight and I have spent over 100k on Data🌚

”23. I love to steal a look at myself in the mirror or anything that looks like one🙈

”24.I’m unapologetically a mummy’s boy, God is my father and I’m never ashamed about this😇

”25.Now that u know mine, I’m waiting on Urs 🙏🏽”


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