Shopping for Home Essentials As You Self-Isolate? Coca-Cola & Jumia Have Some News for You!

We can all agree that these are strange times. Remote working, closed schools, and social distancing have become essential to reduce risk as the pandemic looms.

Shopping for Home Essentials As You Self-Isolate? Coca-Cola & Jumia Have Some News for You!

This means going out to get even home essentials is not an option for most people, and this is why brands like Coca-Cola & Jumia are ramping up efforts to ensure families can get their home essentials without leaving their homes.

The Coca-Cola System, comprising Coca-Cola Nigeria and Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC), has today announced partnerships with leading e-commerce platform Jumia to provide access for consumers to shop for Coca-Cola beverage brands online as opposed to going to stores. 

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This partnership is coming on the heels of Nigeria Center for Disease Control’s (NCDC) directive for Nigerians to practice social distancing as a means to curtail the spread of the Coronavirus. 

The partnership, which will see consumers enjoy free shipping on selected items, also extends to supermarkets including Game, which currently has an electronic order system. Consumers will also enjoy price discounts on selected products.

These initiatives showcase the organisation’s commitment to consumer protection in the face of the pandemic, as well as an avenue to encourage its consumers to practice social distancing and making purchase of consumables more convenient, affordable and safe.

Free Shipping

To alleviate the additional costs consumers might incur due to bulk purchases, The Coca-Cola Company have also decided to bear the shipping cost on selected items on Jumia.

With these and other stay-at-home deals up for grabs, do yourself a service today by staying safe and stocking on supplies, yet snapping up the best deals in town!

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