Twitter Reacts As Father Pays $21,000 Tuition Fee Only For Son To Fail Woefully

George Bester
George Bester

Twitter users have reacted to the story of the boy who failed his exams but passed music after his father paid $21k tuition.

While some people supported the dad, others dragged him.

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Here’s what Twitter users are saying:

21k USD wasted and e still sidon under AC

My dad gave me 1,000naira to buy Understanding Mathematics and I didnt give him his 300 change. Result came out and I failed Maths

My dad put me inside a drum, rolled it in the compound and asked me to be shouting “I AM A THIEF”

21k USD wasted and e still sidon under AC

21k USD?

The term I went to excursion at Olumo rock and I didn’t ‘jot’ anything, my father made sure I didn’t eat every night for two weeks.

Excursion was 2500 guys

You pay 21k USD for a child – a whole 8 Million naira. He is absent in English and Maths and failed the rest of his subjects…and you say that small roughing up is too much? I should talk to him instead?

In this life, never negotiate with a terrorist, even if he is your son.

Is this beating ? 21k USD is a lot and the mum is saying he should not beat them ? She’s giving them confidence or indirectly saying they get away with things easily. Because the dad shouldn’t be the only one scolding them

Everyone is concerned about the 21K USD that the man paid and the boy’s failure to show up on exams days while y’all ignoring the fact that a woman filmed the man scolding his son,took a picture of the son’s result and let everything get to social media. Women will embarrass you

E papa get 21k USD pay for school. But e sure me die say when e drop e first track, we go hear “I came from the gutter”, “I remember those days wey we no see food chop”

The man can scold his son all he wants the boy deserves it, forget the 21k USD he paid, the boy he can’t even get into any credible music school without Math and English

and It’s not like he even failed, he just didn’t show up.

You failed Maths amd English but passed Music after Paying 21k USD ?

Omo it’s there you will start writing music
And if you don’t blow, I’ll blow you
Just know blow must happen

21K USD per term. He failed. Skipped classes. Had the effrontery to bring the result home, he didn’t turn himself in at an orphanage home. He sat down majestically watching TV. But the father is not right beating him.

Na vibes and insha allahu full some of una head.

21k USD school fees but you pass only Music and geography.

The only thing that’ll save you from beating us if you can draw me a treasure map to where I’ll see my money back. Or you release a song that’ll top Billboard hot 100.

Anything less, Na WWE we go do.

21k USD wey I fit use enter Quilox , Shina peller go talk say make everybody off light say I wan order

21K USD wey I fit use buy 2 of that kind Pamilerin benz

21K USD wey Ogbeni Dipo go advice you to use study abroad

Na him that boy set on fire, why the papa no go vex ?

If you add the school fees of every body in my secondary school with the school building and our principal’s car, it will be around 1.3m. I now pay 21k USD (8million) and you miss Maths and English Exams, and pass music. I will slap you for anything you say without singing it.

21K USD for school fees and someone would still say leave him let him follow his passion

His passion :

This dude had Distinction in Music. Music at that level is not easy. I know because I studied it. So 21k USD or not, this kid is definitely not stupid. Looks to me like a kid trying to make a point to an obviously abusive parent.


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